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how to write seo friendly content - digitalshuklaji | must read article | 10 mins read | digital innovation | 2020

D ear R eaders, To assist you with showing signs of improvement in the performance of your content in search engines , look at this arrangement of SEO rules and tips that are I've gathered in this article. Fig-Content Writing 1. Do Keyword Research First- In spite of the fact that SEO is inclining towards urging users to make thought-initiative sorts of content, Keywords despite everything, assume a significant job. Finding the correct keywords will assist you in dominating the search results and fulfill your intended target audience.   While picking your target keywords, characterize the accompanying:  a. The volume of searches for specific keywords in a given time span. Utilizing inappropriate keywords will prompt a misuse of your time and financial plan.  b. Comprehend the searcher purpose behind keywords you need to utilize.  c. Explore resources to make serious content previously appeared in the search results.  d. Concentrate on long-tail Keywords. They may have a low se